A new project for entrepreneurs, a seminar on self-administration, the first newspaper, is only part of the news this week. Read the details in the traditional digest of the Coordinating Council.

Started the Majority Map

15-day marathon Majority New Year’s Day: every day your video congratulations will appear on our Majority Map. Record your video congratulations to the Belarusians (from 10 seconds to 1 minute). Publish it on social networks with geolocation or send it to the chatbot of Honest People @Zhivenovygod_bot. Use hashtags #новыйгодбольшинства #новыгодбольшасці.

Held a second workshop on local self-government

Team of initiative «KOTOS» met with leaders of houses, courtyards, and neighborhoods and explained the advantages, tasks, powers of territorial self-government bodies, explained the rules of organization of elections of new members of KOTOS. The Belarusians no longer want to live in a country that is not governed!

Launched a new project for entrepreneurs

To the Case! – the basis of evidence of political pressure on the business. Share your story – it will help protect the business and get compensation in the future.

Held the Evening Council with Nikita Solovey on the theme of COVID-19

An infectious physician, CC member Nikita Solovey, answered viewers’ questions about the pandemic. We talked about masks, the WHO recommendations, the shortcomings of the health care system, and many other things.

Published two issues of the newspaper «Rupar COVIDa»

A newspaper with current and true news about COVID-19 will be published several times a week. Download the first and second issues, print, and share them with people who do not have Internet access. Put a newspaper in your homes and yards so everyone knows the truth. Read more news about the project «Rupar COVIDa» in the official telegram channel.

Made a version of the KOTOS website in Belarusian

Information about KOTOS can now be read in the native language. We are convinced that the popularization and use of the Belarusian language is one of the most important components of our struggle.

Held a prayer for peace, freedom, and justice in Belarus at the Berlin Cathedral

On 13th December, the “Christian Vision” working group, supported by the German Evangelical Church, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, and the Working Community of Christian Churches, held a prayer for peace, freedom, and justice in Belarus. At the end of the prayer, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya appealed to the congregation, after which a video message from Lech Valenza was shown.

The Coordinating Council is us. Together – to the new Belarus!

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