Work of the Coordination Council does not stop for a minute. What have we done last week?

Created the Concept of National Reconciliation

The Concept will help identify the officials who had committed crimes and will be brought to justice, as well as those who will be able to continue their work and contribute to building the new, free Belarus. We understand this document is important for the future of the country, so we would like to hear each Belarusian’s opinion. Send your comments and propositions to [email protected] by December 26.

Created a complaint and application generator to the government institutions

You can now create a complaint or an application to a government institution without a lawyer. More details on the project’s website.

Announced the School of local community leaders

From December 5 to December 11, a series of online and offline training sessions will take place in Minsk regarding negotiations, business communication, public organisation and KOTOS legal issues. Local community leaders or those willing to organise a community in their yard, block, district are invited. Fill out a questionnaire to register with the course.

Worked on 15 new trade union organisations

The team of TradeUnion.Online keeps developing the independent trade unions. 15 trade union organisations are being established for students, healthcare workers and university professors.

Started collecting cases of children who suffered from actions of the law enforcement agencies

Together with the Belarusian Helsinki Committee we are collecting information about the underage victims of the political repressions. If your child was detained, please, fill out a questionnaire. The resulting data will be sent to the UN and UNICEF for further investigation.

Published an open letter of the religious people supporting the Belarusian protesters

The Christian Vision group together with the Orthodox clergymen from Russia took part in drafting an open letter supporting the peaceful Belarusian protesters. The letter has been signed by 2,000 people, representatives of various denominations from Russia, the USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium and other countries. Musicians Yuri Shevchuk, Boris Grebenschikov are among the signers.

Expanded the Coordination Council

Natalia Dulina, ex-Associate Professor at MSLU, and Yuri Stulov, Candidate of Philology, joined the Council.

We are the Coordination Council! Together, to the new Belarus!

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