KOTOS-98 was established one month ago as an initiative growing into an official KOTOS. Active residents of Minsk decided to establish KOTOS-98 “as soon as the information appeared that there is a legal opportunity for a civil initiative: events, land improvement, meetings, common problem solving, search for the like-minded people, etc.”

The initiative has united 15 activists within the first two weeks, who immediately faced obstacles: “It is always hard on pathfinders, especially when both the existing KOTOS – no visitors are being received despite the established three times a week schedule – and the district administration closed their doors on us.”

The self-governance initiative is growing despite all the obstacles: people create chats for each building, organise to resolve utility issues (neglected entrance halls and staircases, lack of lighting in yards and many other).

“Just like many others, the @kotos98 initiative does not adhere to any certain political ideology. Threshold is all the district residents. We want our legal rights and interests to be respected. If any of the governmental structures violates our rights or does not hear us, ignores us, we will take steps to restore our rights.”

Create KOTOSs and elect your local authorities yourselves. The authorities that will act in the people’s interests.

All instructions and support for the KOTOS establishment is available at kotos.org.

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