We share points of the self-governance seminar for the local community activists. The meeting was held by the KOTOS initiative of the Coordination Council.

Participants of the seminar learned how to elect members of self-governance organisations, about their authorities and possibilities. They also examined successful KOTOSs and perspective of their development.

Why we need KOTOSs and how to create them, in brief:

– Members of territorial public self-governance bodies are elected by the residents of buildings, blocks, micro-districts or villages at local gatherings;

– Residents organise local gatherings and elections independently, without participation of executive committees/administrations, ideologists and official election commissions. Citizens can control transparency, honesty and fairness of the elections;

– In order to create a KOTOS, one needs to find activists in their block who would be ready to organise local gathering and elections. An initiative group shall be formed from the activists to communicate with the residents of that potential KOTOS and collect signatures in favor of a local gathering.

Ask the KOTOS initiative team for consultation and learn what a KOTOS can be created for in your local community.

Contacts of the KOTOS team:
Tel.: +375 (29) 840 73 21
Telegram: @rks_support

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