This tells about KOTOSs (collective bodies of territorial public self-governance) that were created before anyone knew the word, about how many of them there are in Belarus now and how to join them.

A community of caring neighbours in Brilevichi micro-district of the capital city appeared back in 2017. The word KOTOS was rarely used at that time. Several activists had decided that “there is no point in looking for a place you’d feel good at; there is a point in learning how to create that good feeling”. And before a self-governance body was registered officially, the active residents of Brilevichi created the Briliki children’s and parents’ club and later started to organise celebrations in their district.

At a certain point, the activists realised that it was best to do something in the city in partnership with local governmental bodies, which required a tool for cooperation. Thanks to KOTO, street workout machines have been installed in Brilevichi, children’s playgrounds are being renovated, master classes, concerts and contests are held. But the most important thing is that the local residents define their needs here and seek opportunities to meet them.

– We have accumulated a lot of practical experience and have suggestions on the improvement of legislation to make it more effective, – says one of the KOTOS members in Brilevichi.

Do you want entrance halls in your buildings, your yards and districts to be beautiful, cozy and safe; and have something to do there? Then dive into the second wave of creating public self-governance.

Creation of collective bodies of territorial public self-governance (KOTOS) is stipulated by the legislation in all administrative and territorial units of the country. No ruling by decree: KOTOSs are formed only and exclusively by the citizens. 

Why do we need KOTOSs?

  • To protect people’s art in our yards.
  • To organise and have events people are really interested in and consider important.
  • To mobilise people’s volunteer law enforcement brigades.
  • To make a whole lot of other important things.

At the first stage of the campaign for creating KOTOSs launched by the Coordination Council and partners, people created local initiative groups, clarified territorial borders within which to create a KOTOS, gathered information about the KOTOSs already created by the authorities and about their members.

We have received more than 200 applications for KOTOS creation since the beginning of the campaign. KOTOSs are being created in all major cities of the country: Hrodna, Mahilioŭ, Viciebsk, Baranavičy, Mazyr, Pinsk, Maladziečna and other. At the same time, about 80% of the KOTOS creation campaign is located in the capital city.

We are now getting ready for initiative groups meetings to re-elect the authorized persons to be later elected in the KOTOSs administrations with collection of signatures in their support.

Create KOTOSs and elect your authorities yourself to act in the interests of the people.

All instructions and support in creating a KOTOS can be found at

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