A new adjudication against Board of the Coordination Council members Olga Kavalkova and Siargey Dyleusky was issued on September 3rd, extending the administrative arrest by 15 days. Liliya Ulasova remains detained.

The Coordination Council continues its work but demands to stop the pressure. We call for a dialogue and resolution of real conflicts and threats.


“The authorities are trying to reduce the protest mood in Belarusian society by sending war messages. Only generals, who are used to solving all problems by force, could advise that. We have already seen what such advice leads to. Even those who generally accept the existing order of things turned away from the current authorities.

Arrests, criminal cases, defamation, and intimidation of those who disagree – all of that is a message of war. Hoping that arresting leaders would stop protests is similar to faking 80% of support for the “OMON president” – it angers people even more.

Dialogue is the only correct decision in this situation and the only possible solution to the political crisis. It means that Lukashenko should not seize more political prisoners but instead free the existing ones and engage in dialogue. It is necessary to leave the path of war and start peace negotiations.

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