Riot police have no right to enter industrial plants.
Riot police have no right to enter universities.
Riot police have no right to beat citizens.

For 79 days, Belarusians have peacefully proven their right to freedom and change. And every day, it has been more of us.

Factory workers, construction workers, healthcare workers, students joined the strike today. Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ), Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ), Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ), Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (Volat), Minsk Electrotechnical Plant (METZ), Grodno Azot, Belkommunmash (BKM), Atlant, Motovelo, BelOMO. Administrations come to talk to the strikers, but you hold on to your position bravely and uncompromised.

BSU, BNTU, BSUIR, BSAA, BSTU, MSLU, BSMU, BSUCA, BSEU, GrSU, VSAV. You showed that Belarusian students want to live in a free country. You are the generation that will build the new Belarus and we rest assured with its faith.

Article 41 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus states: “Citizens have the right to protect their economic and social interests including the right to form trade unions, execute collective agreements and the right to strike”.

The Coordination Council insists that persecution of the people exercising their constitutional right must be stopped.

Keep pressure on the system. Leave the state-operated trade unions, join the independent ones, join the Honest People initiatives chatbot “Zavod” and “Honest University”.

Remember, solidarity foundations will provide support and the citizens of Belarus will never forget your bravery. Thousands of Belarusians across the globe joined the #youstrikewework initiative and will donate their today’s salaries to the foundations supporting the strikers in Belarus.

We are proud of you, striking plant workers! We look at you and we believe in our country’s future.

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