No round table or negotiations are possible while our friends are being killed or held hostage.

The Coordination Council believes that the round table can serve as a tool to resolve the political crisis, but should not become an end in itself. We believe that a round table can be effective in resolving the political crisis only upon fulfillment of the following conditions:

– The parties discuss issues that are mutually recognized as the most problematic, important and subject to discussion.

– Each of the parties has publicly designated its representatives in negotiations, their powers and readiness to implement the agreements reached.

Organization of any kind of round table discussions by the self-proclaimed representatives of the democratic forces does not meet any of the specified conditions. The participants in these negotiations are people who do not represent the society or the authorities. All “decisions” within the framework of such round tables will only reflect the interests of their participants.

The Coordination council considers such a round table an imitation of a dialogue with society. This is just an attempt to distract attention from the agenda agreed upon by the broad public: end of violence and punishment of those responsible for it, release of all political prisoners, new election. Under such circumstances, the Coordination council refuses to take part in any round table.

We remain committed to resolving the political crisis through negotiation. However, in order for the political crisis to be resolved, the agenda must first be agreed upon, and the authorities of the participants and their responsibility for the implementation of the results must be confirmed. And finally, the most important precondition for the negotiations is the release of all political prisoners. We cannot sit down at the negotiating table while our friends are being killed and held hostage.

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